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About Compass Research:

Compass Research is the social and market research arm of Cairns based Cummings Economics.

The firm has been providing professional market and social research services to clients ranging from Sydney to the Torres Strait and across to the Northern Territory, since the early 1980’s.

The firm has a highly experienced team that can carry out tasks promptly and efficiently. The firm is a long standing member of the Australian Market & Social Research Society and adheres to the highest standards of professional conduct and confidentiality.

Apart from having carried out numerous quantitative household and business telephone, shopping centre and street surveys, the firm has carried out numerous qualitative research tasks involving focus groups and in-depth interviewing.

Because of its location, the firm has particularly strong experience in:

The firm’s clients over the years read like a 'Who’s Who' in business, organisations and governments in the north, including many leading firms, key regional organisations, government departments and agencies.

Warning: Compass Research is wary of the so far flawed process of automated machine phone polling returning false results. The process does not seem to take into account mass refusal on subject matter. There also seems to be a propensity for people to treat an automated survey without moral obligation and recording mistruths.

With an experienced call centre team and controlled sampling, polling and surveying results should always be within a close varience to the true outcome.

Recent Research:

Reports & Publications Available

Most surveys and reports prepared by Compass Researchare confidential to the client. The following gives some that have gone into the public arena.

Daintree / Cape Tribulation Electricity Survey

This survey of households and businesses in the Cape Tribulation Daintree area excluded from the electricity grid provides a "reality check" on how households and businesses actually react in a situation of not having grid power available, the technology adopted, and resulting cost, reliability & safety issues.

Mareeba and Douglas Shire Councils: De-amalgamation Surveys

Compass Research carried out surveying for the Cairns Post in relation to the proposed De-amalgamation of Mareeba Shire from the Tablelands Regional Council and Douglas Shire form Cairns Regional Council that correctly predicted the outcome as a majority “yes” vote in both cases.

Council Elections

Compass Research carried out surveying for the Cairns Post in relation to the outcome of the de-amalgamated Mareeba Shire mayoral elections in November 2013 and predicted it would be a very close result as between Mick Borzi and Tom Gilmore. In the event, Tom Gilmore won by a margin of about 0.5%.

Compass Research carried out surveying for the Cairns Post in relation to the outcome of the de-amalgamated Douglas Shire mayoral elections in November 2013 and correctly predicted it would be a clear victory for Councillor Julia Leu.

Cairns Regional Council

Compass Research carried out surveys for the Cairns Post in relation to the Cairns Reginal Council elections for the Mayoralty in 2012 and correctly predicted that Bob Manning would win clearly and Val Schier and Margaret Cochrane would have much lower levels of votes.

Tourism Repositioning Study - Research Elements

In December / January 2008/09, Compass Research carried out extensive market research as part of the TNQ Repositioning Study carried out by Bill Calderwood and Kleinhardt business consultants. The resulting reports are now publicly available and can be viewed on this website in the following parts (click on each to download).

Part A - Introduction & Overview of Results

Part B - Visitors Survey

Part C - Telephone Survey - Australian Residents, Sample 600 households

Part D - Focus Groups - Cairns Tourism Operators - UK, Japan, China, Korea

Part E - On Line Survey - Overseas Agents, Sample 54

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